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Kunstkapel Amsterdam

Performance – 12 December 2022

In the frame of the festival Fall Back to the Womb the performance Mutterseelenallein/All Alone in the World- Together evolved and is a continuation of its first realisation in 2020, in which only the mother´s voice was heard. This time, with the texts of  Martina Cleary, Eileen Little and Arabella Hutter von Arx, the voices of daughters were included.

Feminist Viennese Coffee House with MATERNAL FANTASIES

September  2022, Eindhoven

Video Installation at the exhibition Re- Inventing Motherhood(s)  at Onomatopee Project.
Magdalena Kallenberger was behalf of the collective MATERNAL FANTASIES  my guest at the Feminist Viennese Coffee House.

The Feminist Viennese Coffee House/ episode 12

Hybrid meeting in group

May 2021

with Annemarie Dikman, Femke Jansen, Deirdre Donoghue, Weronika Zielinska Klein, Richtje Reinsma, Daniela Tasca, Sun Chang,etc.

Museum MORE

Participation at the exhibition Realism from 1900 – to the presence

in Gorssel, The Netherlands

15 October 2022 – 2 March 2023

Boxing Gathering

22 and 23 April 2021

At this interdisciplinary conference Barbara Philipp talked about her work and presented the performance Mutterseelenallein.

Hosted by the University of Bolton School of Arts and Creative Technologies, organised by Paul Hollins and Martina Mullaney.


Ausreißer- Wandzeitung #101

Publication date April 2022

Austrian wall newspaper, directed and edited by Evelyn Schalk, Graz.
Image and written contribution for presenting the Viennese Coffee House and its protagonists.


The book about my drawing series of 2020 – 2022 was relaunched in October and is available at the editor monochrom and the museum shop of Museum MORE!

émergences 01

genèse & métamorphose

French magazine by ©bureau communes

publication date novembre 2022

Text and image contribution

Directrice éditoriale: Noémie Vidé

Coordination artistique: Jean-Baptiste Lorthiois et Noémie Vidé

Graphisme et mise en page: Camille Vidé


Learning from the Pandemic

 May 2022

online conference, organised by Demeter Press, Mothers Matter Centre Canada and York University.

Paper, virtual booth and presentation at the rubric Art & Advocacy about the art project The Feminist Viennese Coffee House.


Nieuws BV

Radio 1 and NPO 1

First broadcast 30 May 2021

For a long time, the combination of motherhood and being an artist seemed impossible. But that seems to be coming to an end now that mothers are claiming their place by calling themselves mother artists. Art historian and journalist Joke de Wolf delved into this phenomenon. She is showing and talking about Barbara Philipp’s work.

Missing Mother

22 and 23 April 2021

At this interdisciplinary conference Barbara Philipp talked about her work and presented the performance Mutterseelenallein.

Hosted by the University of Bolton School of Arts and Creative Technologies, organised by Paul Hollins and Martina Mullaney.


Maternal Art Shop

Giclee artists prints by Barbara Philipp are now available via the Maternal Art shop.

1/ To give birth to yourself by Barbara Philipp 

2/ Shield by Barbara Philipp 

3/New grounds by Barbara Philipp

To find out more go to 


Dutch newspaper

9 May 2021

Vrouwlijke kunstenaars hoorden geen kinderen te hebben, nu rukt de mother artist op 

Essay written by Joke de Wolf

Tea with MAM artist talk

First broadcast 12 March 2021

Realised and produced by Helen Sargeant, as part of the Tea with MAM artist talks 11am GMT.


VIENNESE COFFEE HOUSE/ Das Wiener Kaffeehaus

episode 10 / in conversation with Shira Richter

 17 May 2021

Tel Aviv – Amsterdam

A conversation in a Kaffeehaus travels. My Kaffeehaus is an idea, an abstract of a viennese coffee house. Now, because of the limitations to travel, the Viennese coffee house takes place in my studio in Amsterdam. Opening hours are time restricted. Appointments are made beforehand.


Drawing commission for the bancpublic shop, opened in May 2021, in Schulgasse 31, 1180 Vienna

A shop for music, books, antiques, art, food

Mothers, Mothering, and COVID-19

Publication date March 2021

written and image contribution Knock Down to this book publication, edited by Andrea O´Reilly and Fiona Joy Green.


TATSACHEN Voices against the Crises - 06

13 June 2020

What do the omnipresent media imagesof this crisis call forth? How do they affect our perception and behaviour, now, as well as in the future? How are emotions translated into speech, what are the consequences for private and political action? And what does freedom mean in this context? Barbara Philipp has created a graphic Knock Down diary.

Dans Hebdo Al-Ahram

article Journale intime d’une artiste confinée, écrit par May Sélim

14-20 October 2020, Cairo (Egypt)

Le journal intime de l’artiste autrichienne Barbara Philipp est un témoignage intéressant de la crise que nous vivons partout dans le mode. Elle vient de l’exposer au Caire sous le titre de Knockdown Diary, partageant ses émotions, notamment durant les deux mois où elle était enfermée chez elle… 

Ziar/ Art Newspaper

Contribution to the monthly art publication with Bonno van Doorn, Ramon Sadic, Andrei Arion and Cristian Grecu, edited by Cătălina Nistor 

Distributed in international museums and galleries

Ausreißer - Die Wandzeitung

May  2020

Graz – Amsterdam

Knock Down! Und dann?Interview mit Barbara Philipp,  geschrieben von Evelyn Schalk

Titelbild der Ausgabe #93/94

Rosalyoussef Daily Newspaper

40 drawings by Austrian artist B.Philipp describing the impact of Corona on life.

Written by Egyptian journalist Ahmet Abd El Alim


Bildpublikation in der Literaturzeitschrift Manuskripte, Heft 229

24 October 2020

Heft 229 der manuskripte ist zur Gänze dem im Mai des Jahres verstorbenen Alfred Kolleritsch gewidmet, der die manuskripte 1960 gegründet und sechs Jahrzehnte lang herausgegeben hat.


PARALLEL Vienna 2020

22 until 27 September 2020

Judith Ortner / Ortner 2 präsentiert im alten Wiener Gewerbehaus, Rudolf-Sallinger-Platz 1, 1030 Wien, 2. Stock, Raum 2.25

Barbara Philipp und Brigitte Prinzpod

Barbara Philipp - MOTHERS MATTER

Wien, Judith Ortner/Ortner 2 präsentiert die Vorzugsausgabe des Künstlerbuches.

Alle Zeichnungen der Vorzugsausgabe sind bis vom 19.6. – 11. Juli 2020  zu sehen.

Knockdown Diary

14 October 2020, artist talk and solo exhibition in Cairo, Egypt.

Here you find an article about the exhibition, published by journalist Mohamed Agam in Aawsat

October 2020

Maternal Art Magazine

Issue One 2020: Stay At Home, edited by Helen Sargeant 

24 artists were each invited to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, with a working title of Stay At Home.


36. Österreichischer Grafikwettbewerb

Teilnahme am 36. Österreichischen Grafikwettbewerb und Gruppenausstellung im TAXISPALAIS, Innsbruck, 2019.


Veröffentlichung in Idiome, Hefte für Neue Prosa

1/ 2018

Text_Andrea Inglese, Zeichnung_Barbara Philipp, Fotografie_Aleksei Shinkarenko


The European Court in Den Haag

Autumn 2018

Exhibition with Margret Wibmner, Christine Tauber und Karina Meister.

The exhibition led to a temporally censorship of my drawings at the court.

The process and developments were documented in a little book. 


8 December 2018

Leyden Gallery 9 Leyden St, London E1 7LE

By Adriana Cerne and Lindsay Moran

Desperate Artwives in collaboration with Leyden Gallery present

SHESHOWS | an evening of performance and screenings

Participating artists:

Barbara Philipp | Caitlin Alexandra Robinson | Christina Vasileiou | Crow Dillon-Parker | Ellen Wiles | Hannah Lamdin | Helen George | Irini Folerou | Karen Thorn | Katy Howe | Lyndsey Blezard | Madinah Thompson | Maja Spasova | Megan Wynne | Mika Hockman | Simone Stoll


MOM Artist In Action

Lecture performance “ Mom Artist In Action“ at the exhibition „Social Engaged Art“ at the 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo.

Following the invitation of the feminist action group Tomorrow Girls Troop

4 March 2017

from 16.30 to 18.30

MOM artist in action is a lecture performance about the adversities that you encounter as an artist and mother in the international art world. How does an artist combine flexible living and working situations in often precarious conditions with children? To what extent is the political and institutional hand of the state supportive?

Performance Minsk- Amsterdam- Paris- Texel

In collaboration with Andrea Inglese and Aleksei Shinkarenko

3 November 2017

At the Lettrétage, Mehringdamm 61, Berlin. 

MOTHERS IN ARTS : Lecture & Performance

30 April 2017

from 11.00 to 13.00

at Artist-Run Space Gole at De Vlugt

free entry


Mirjam Westen : “Representations of m/otherhood and Care”

Barbara Philipp : “Himmel und Hölle”

Procreate Project Archive

3 June 2017

London, Royal College of Art

Thanks to ProCreate Project the first exemplar of the artist book Immunity was travelling to London! So in my spirit and with my work I can be at Oxytocin, this incredible event, which will happen next week in Great Britain. 

The Mothernists 2:

Who cares for the 21st century?

Matching Points  

Lecture Performance, by Barbara Philipp in collaboration with Shira Richter at Astrid Noacks Ateliers in Copenhagen

14 October 2017


Präsentation des Kunstbuches  IMMUNITY/ Sicherheit ohne Gewehr

Vorzugsausgabe: 15 Bücher mit jeweils einer beigelegten Originalzeichnung, Mischtechnik auf Papier, 29 cm x 21 cm, jedes Blatt signiert, datiert und nummeriert, 2017.

Das Buch enthält 54 Farb- und Schwarz/Weisszeichnungen, Auflage 30.

Ortner 2

Judith Ortner

1010 Wien, Sonnenfelsgasse 8

Tel: 01-512 74 69


Ausreißer - Die Wandzeitung

issue #78

September/ October 2017

feminism. basta.

Zurechtgerücktes Symbol des Feminismus* 

Artikel von Shira Richter über Barbara Philipps Photoarbeiten Im Ring


Procreate Project Archive

Women’s art library, December 2015, London.

Matryoshka at the Mothernists Conference 1

5/6/7 June 2015, Rotterdam

During the Mothernism conference participants and the public were asked to

go on a travel with the word „mother“ and an ending that they had to choose before.

They literally connected the wordcard mother with an ending, which they like the most. Then they were asked to write down some thoughts, a family story or an experience, which is connected to this word. As a gift from the m/others artists they received a blank matryoshka doll, which they could decorate as they wish.

Paris - Paris

Exhibition 16 May – 27 June 2015

Galerie Remixx, Graz



 18 January 2010

Goethe-Institut, Amsterdam

‚Tasteless‘ is een kunst- en kookboek dat de lezer meeneemt in een wereld vol vet. De verbale spanning van het boek is doorspekt met vette spreuken. Stoffelijke tegenstellingen in het materiaal komen visueel in tekeningen (schijnbaar) tot een oplossing.

Met bijdragen van culturele wetenschapper Alena Alexandrova en antropologe Carole Counihan.

Ina Stockem, choreograaf en performer, leidt u samen met Barbara Philipp door de avond.


Anatmoie in geneeskunde en kunst

 9 July – 7 September 2007


Artist Talk with Barbara Philipp

The Austrian Embassy and MBASSY UNLIMITED presented Barbara Philipp, in conversation with artist Margret Wibmer.

Talk Touch Taste

Column about my work by Evelyn Schalk

Artist of the issue #33

Wie politisch ist Sex?

Ausreisser, Die Grazer Wandzeitung.

“Aesthetes and Eaters —Food and the Arts”

Invisible Culture Issue no.14 Winter 2010 

Mention of my video work La Belle Vue ( The Great View) in Alexandra Alisauskas´introduction to the topic of Food and the Arts.


Junge Kunst auf Papier. Ankäufe des Kupferstichkabinetts 1997–2012

Opening 20 September 2009

NITSCH - Vorbilder Zeitgenossen Lehre

Teilnahme an der Ausstellung NITSCH – Vorbilder Zeitgenossen Lehre 

26 June – 11 October 2009 at Wiener Künstlerhaus (Vienna, Austria) 

Katalog ist noch antiquarisch erhältlich:

Peter Bogner und Künstlerhaus Wien (Hg.)

Hermann Nitsch

Vorbilder, Zeitgenossen, Lehre

Ausstellungskatalog Künstlerhaus Wien 26. 6. bis 23. 8. 2009

The Description Of The World

La description du moden

Interdisciplinary project between writers and visual artists, initiated by Andrea Inglese.

Look at the writer contributions of the site.


Allard Pierson Museum, Amsterdam.

Participation at the group exhibition Capturing Metamorphosis curated by Alena Alexandrova (concept), Martine van Kampen and Vladimir Stissi (research and advise).

Artists: James Beckett, Rob Johannesma, Lawrence Malstaf, Barbara Philipp, Rebecca Sakoun


Artikel  in der Taz, geschrieben von Wolfgang Koch

20 November 2009

über meine Arbeiten in der Soloausstellung in Wien


international feminist art journal

volume 24/ 2009

Mentioning artist books Wellness and Reflexzonen, exhibited at the group exhibition Perspectives at the Anaid Art Gallery, Bukarest in Material Histories: Feminism and feminist art in post- revolutionary Romania, written by Olivia Notiz, 2009.


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