Dead Darlings

Frequencies of drawings

My Dead Drawing Darlings is a collection of drawings I like and which are not put into a large set- up of a series but instead into little frequencies. 

First frequency: For the question of authenticity in the performance documentation Spoonfeeding Nr.2, Armenia Dream I decided to draw the process of creating and preparing the performance by finding the protagonists till the moment of act. The original drawings are small, my interest lied in the wonderful opportunity to use drawings and transform them in different media and time sequences.

Second frequency:  The telephone communication drawings called Habibi in black and white, witness the demonstrations for democracy and rials in public space via transmitted video messages. This appropriation of what was going on on the other side of the connection allowed me to react, to perceive the events in a physical act (of drawing). Choosing an image is excluding an other and emphasise the subjectivity of experiences.

Third frequency: Hunting dreams were made after listening and following the generation of my parents entering from midlife to the state of retirees. In this phase the transition shows new physical challenges and physical adaptions towards the own body and towards the social regard on the embodiment of aging.