The First Price

artist book/series of drawings

The title of the my first artist book Wellness/The First Price refers to the obligate “feeling good” atmosphere which surrounds me and pretends to give me all opportunities to develop; if you feel good, you will win the first price! I draw this with an ironic view and in consideration of a lot ambiguities in western cultures. The stumbling block to start with the series of drawings was an article about Botulinum Toxin, which is better known and used as Botox. The origins of this toxin and its potential to be used as a chemical weapon inspired me to draw down my associations immediately. For me drawing is a free act and a form of reflection.


Wellness by Barbara Philipplimited artist

edition of 20, signed and numbered

67 pages of black and white drawing prints

format: 29 cm x 21 cm

language: French/German/English

editor: Barbara Philipp