Albertine On An Island

220 x 150 cm and 55 x 45 cm, oil on canvas

Being online with your partner in crime with whom you wanna talk was the point of departure of my visual research to realise this series of painting. Each painting inhibits the story of a phone call.

Being inline with the interfering patterns of related stories, shared memories and spontaneous associations in exchange is an ideal form of conversation for me which might happen on a phone call, with voices and all of a sudden also images. Skype, a software that enables the world’s conversations before the time of zoom, let me imagine, by its name, an invisible connection line in the sky which brings the talking and listening voices together and which make a conversation possible.  For me it was still a kind of miracle at the time that you can not only hear the voice of your friend from the other side of the planet, but also see the other person. My childhood was still analog but during the following years the digital part was constantly increasing.

Both worlds, the analog and the digital one intervenes and meets in my artistic practice.

I am interested in the digital media which created new story lines and strengthen relationships.

What happens in the offline version? The act of painting is offline, but in this the time I still can hear the voice of the other, the conversation is going often further in my mind.

Following the disrupted line, retracing and developing further the conversation led to these series of paintings.

 The history of the conversation forges a bridge to two or more different life surroundings and emotional realities. The relationship of the people who talk, their physical distance, the sound of their voices and the listening and pauses are processed on canvas.

Waiting on-line.

Being online.

Being inline with you.

Creating a line,

a connection.

A line from A to B.


(notes from the studio, B.P.)

Invitation For Breakfast

150 x220cm, oil on canvas