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artist book/series of drawings

Mass media supported competitive behaviour and the constant comparisons between women leads to the subject of my second art book, Reflexzonen. In my drawings, rivalry and mobbing instead of complicity are a sphere in the large spectrum of women relationships on which I choose to focus. For this book I built on the experiences of my female friends, whose stories I have collected. The drawings also show that even physical force is used to maintain the actual power structure and to diminish the growth of female self-reflection. The subtitle, Click to order, is an imperative with the suggestion of free choice. I hope that one day this free choice will become a reality and will not remain stuck in an ambiguous, self-referential order.


Reflexzonen by Barbara Philipp

limited artist edition of 50, signed and numbered

80 pages of black and white drawing prints

format: 29 cm x 21 cm

language: German/Englisch

editor: Barbara Philipp