Barbara Philipp


selected works

„My body was stretched down through a labyrinth of sober consciences and I discovered suddenly a black hole under my skin. In this dark entity a blooming paradox rises up: unspoken words, non written yet, form of an inner voice! I will use this given Image to describe my work. The inside of myself gets in contact with the landscape of my outside.“

Sugar Twenties

The painting are catching the ephemeral momentum of change…


Fat, which transforms through warmth and time, had for me as a material the aspect

Fresh Meat

What is the status of the body in our globalised societies?…

Armenia Dreaming

To draw the process of creating and preparing the performance was essential for the video documentation of the performance Spoonfeeding…

Knock Down

The real life becomes the script of a movie…


Surrounded by the mountains I remembered the feeling of listening to my own voice and its echo, mirrored back by the mountains…


Fighting again, being in the ring, passing the match, loosing, winning, being the bad or the good guy…

Family Pattern

Tragedies are happening behind the curtains of silence

Viennese Coffee House

A conversation in a Kaffeehaus travels. A Viennese coffee house welcomes you, guarantees you emotional comfort and a cosy atmosphere…


The audience is asked to assemble their own individual puzzle of understood words and content… 


To create by doing, to listen to each other and to enter in a free play..

Time Capsule

The time is the length, the physical distances to my children are melted in form, in a perceived pattern, the drawing itself...


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