Safety without guaranty (arms)

artist book/series of drawings

Immunity is an artist book which pools drawings together which were made while and after a difficult period to be faced by a papilloma virus infection. The encounter with one type of this virus inside my body had as consequence the lost of trust in my physical awareness. It was a matter of luck that the malicious mutation was discovered. Looking through a microscope this virus has a beautiful flowery shape. Passed on through sexual intercourse roughly 80 percent of the western population are infected, but must not necessarily lead to the growth of a cervical cancer.

Touched by the risk of not be able to become a mother and to undertake heavy treatments with serious consequences, this book takes you on a journey of a young woman, her bodily experiences and ambiguous feelings and thoughts about reproduction. 


Immunity by Barbara Philipp

limited artist edition of 30, signed and numbered

54 pages of black and white and colour drawing prints

format: 29 cm x 21 cm

language: German/Englisch

editor: Barbara Philipp