Do you want a piece of cake?

artist book/series of drawings 

To give birth was like being born a second time. To get a second skin, a second breath and life. Nobody told me that my previous you never will come back, the shift of my social awareness after the ephemeral state of pregnancy occurred automatically, also forced by the patriarchal boundaries of definitions in which I grow up and was surrounded. Becoming a mom was a wonder and a surprise. First physically, then in context with society. 

These drawings express the journey of a Never Coming Back Story to Finding a Voice. And ended up in questioning given indications about gender roles, looking back to my childhood and family background. The drawings are a testimony of all the contradictions I encountered in my journey of motherhood.

These drawings are like a testimony when I became a mother. 

Words which I could not find to define my state of mind and to reflect about my physical and mental transformation, had their first expression in these drawings. When my children were babies and toddlers I felt to be put on a mute modus as a mother artist and I had to find my voice again. I reached out to escape of this isolation. My artist book Mothers matter pooled these drawings together, in total 77, year of my birth.

The book includes following chapters:  

1. The Never Come Back Story

2. Find the Volume

3. Having Balls

4. I am not the man I used to be

5. Taking Care Is Sexy 

6. Hashtag Anger

Mother Matters  by Barbara Philipp

limited artist edition of 30, signed and numbered

77 pages of black and white and colour drawing prints

format: 29 cm x 21 cm

language: German/Englisch

editor: Barbara Philipp