The Feminist Viennese Coffee House

Conversations with women artists and curators connecting Amsterdam, Paris, Maryland, Newton Kansas, Graz, Todmoren West Yorkshire, Rotterdam, Tel Aviv and Berlin.

Video Installation at Onomatopee Projects

A conversation in a Kaffeehaus travels. My Kaffeehaus is an idea, an abstract of a viennese coffee house. Now, because of the virus and the limitations to travel, the Viennese coffee house takes place in my studio in Amsterdam. Opening hours are time restricted. Appointments are made beforehand.

A Viennese coffee house welcomes you, guarantees you emotional comfort and a cosy atmosphere. In Austria it’s an enlarged living room which I wanted to share without knowing when it would be possible to sit in a real coffee house again.

In the conversations our guiding thread was the challenging time which we are living in since the lockdown and how these changes influenced our work and perspectives.

Like in a real coffee house I had the chance to meet persons whom I would love to get to know better and friends who shared their precious world with me that I had the impression to live their experiences for a while together.


Guests 2020- 2021:

Shira Richter, Delphine Bedel, Margret Wibmer, Arabella Hutter von Arx, Helen Sargeant, Albertine Trichon, Helen Sergeant, Rachel E. Buller, Alexandra Gaspar, Arnisa Zeqo

* First guest was Delphine Bedel who talked about the origin of the word feminism.

* * Second guest was Shira Richter, the conversation still has to be concluded in a text!

* * * Third guest was Margret Wibmner, who analysed the changed rhythm and methods of production in the art scene.

* * * * My fourth guest was Arabella Hutter von Arx whose mother and daughter threats are a must read.

* * * * * My fifth guest was Albertine Trichon, whom I finally met again after our talk in a  coffee house in Vienna!

* * * * * *  My sixth guest was Helen Sargeant who told me more about the first Maternal Art Magazine and her artist book Mother/ Daughter which she both created during the first lockdown.

* * * * * * My seventh guest was Rachel Epp Buller whose letter project enriches the art and the academic world

* * * * * * * My eight guest was Alexandra Gaspar who works in the field of design and just arrived in Europe after living in China for years, a few months before the lockdown.

* * * * * * * My ninth guest was Arnisa Zeqo who is an art historian, curator and educator and founded with Antonia Carrara RONGWRONG, a space for art and theory in Amsterdam.